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Our business objective is to "Help the customer make business growth by leveraging the internet.". The progress of internet technology and open source software have brought us very low-cost IT infrastructure. Upon such low-cost IT infrastructure, Apteq is providing the most effective solutions for variety of requirements and problems within every size of business. In addition, Cloud Computing is expected to be penetrated fast and it will enable for IT users to be free from administrating IT platforms, so they will be able to concentrate on "application" development. Apteq is also providing true solutions for Cloud Computing.

Again, thanks for visiting us. I hope we can help you near future.

  • Taro Kuraishi
  • President & CEO, Apteq Inc.


Bio: Always worked in technical fields in IT industry. Software development in Toshiba Information Systems and IBM Japan. Server product localization and quality management in Sun Microsystems. Started Apteq Inc. in Oct 2008. Graduated University of Electro Communications in 1976, born in Kanagawa pref. Japan.

Company Profile

Company Name
Apteq Inc.
Oct 3, 2008
HQ Addr
2-15-10 ShinYokohama, Kohoku-ku Yokohama-shi, 222-0033 Japan
Phone: +81-45-475-1511 Email: inq (at) apteq.jp
9.9 MYen
Taro Kuraishi
Main Bank
Bank of Yokohama - ShinYokohama branch
Business Area
Web site Development
Software Development

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