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Web Solution / Software Development

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Better web site? Yes, we can provide it for you.

"Help the customer make business growth by leveraging the internet."

サービスWeb System Development

Leveraging Internet and Open Source Software, we develop effective web applications with reasonable costs.

サービスHome Page Creation and Maintenance

We create corporate potal sites with sophisticated designs and quality implementations. We also maintain the sites along with changes of business environment.

サービスWeb Marketing Billingual Support

Provide supports to Web site operation so it effectively works for pulling in more customers. We also provide English based marketing for oversea markets.

サービスE-Commerce Site Development

We develop E-Commerce sites and maintain them. We are familiar with ECCUBE platform and Rakuten RMS.

サービスBusiness Application Development

To resolve requirements and problems in your core business, we send experienced engineers to your office. They can cover the entire system life cycle, from requirement to maintenance.

サービスIT Product Importing Consulting

Provide consulting support to those who import and deploy IT products in Japan for localization and quality management.

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